AVM stands for Alfonsina Vendra Messina. The Founder of LADY LAIR by AVM.

So why did she tag LADY LAIR with her initials? Because Alfonsina wanted this LADY LAIR to be her very own version of a “She Cave”. Here is her story.

Alfonsina’s Parents were born in Sicily Italy later moving to Milan Italy where Alfonsina was born. Alfonsina’s Mother always said she had a strong love for Fashion as she was born in the Fashion Capital of the World. Being the youngest of 6 Children Alfonsina learned and watched her older siblings make prosperous lives for themselves. She was fortunate to be part of an Entrepreneurial Family who came to this country when she was just 9 Months old. They started an amazing journey as strong business owners. As Immigrants they were determined to find fortune and success in this amazing Country. Their hard work and sacrifices taught Alfonsina that hard work , determination, motivation and taking risks would carve out her future.

At 16 Years Old Alfonsina started her career in Retail with the influence of her Father. He challenged her everyday to be more than she could have imagined and that success was only achieved by hard work. She became an Assistant Manager at 17yrs Old for a Brazilian couple that owned a Shoe Store. During their Trips back to Brazil in the Summer they would leave Alfonsina in charge knowing their store was in good hands. Alfonsina knew from that day on she was destined to be a Leader and one day own her own Business.

Alfonsina knew that Fashion was her destiny. Immediately after High School she enrolled herself in Tobe Coburn a Private Fashion School that was located in the West Village in Manhattan. While attending Tobe Coburn Alfonsina met the most amazing people that continued to motivate her and introduce her to the amazing Fashion World of Manhattan. After leaving Tobe Coburn she continued her education in FIT. Majoring in Fashion , Buying and Merchandising knowing these were the final stepping stones to a life long career.

By the age of 26 Alfonsina was promoted to her first District Manager position and moved to 6 different states to continue to grow her career. Never afraid or hesitant to move forward and live and travel on her own she continued to focus on next steps. Before the age of 30 she was a Director of Stores for a Leading Fashion Brand and continued to grow into roles such as Executive Vice President for Top Luxury Fashion Brands such as Barneys, Henri Bendel, Intermix and Diesel.

This is where LADY LAIR by AVM was born. As a resident of Dyker Heights a small community in Brooklyn she craved for a space that she can be part of , enjoy girl time and empower Women. Men had cigar bars & card games. Women had limited choices. She wanted to create a destination where Woman could beautify themselves while hanging out, be part of Monthly events and be around empowering Women. She craved for clean, safe beauty places to get all her beauty needs met and she didn’t want drive to 3 different places to get it done. She craved for a Beauty spot that not only met her beauty and social needs but also carried product that was clean, non-toxic and healthy for you. Alfonsina returned back to school by attending a Beauty School to learn everything there was about Beauty and hold a Cosmetology license. She not only decided to open this fun destination but also create her own Beauty Collections such as Toxic- Free Nail Lacquer, Botanical Skin and Hair Care and an amazing line of Botanical Cosmetics!

Alfonsina not only runs her own business, she also consults for fresh new Entrepreneur Businesses. She loves to be part of start ups and will continue to focus on future endeavors.