LADY LAIR by AVM is not your typical Beauty Salon. LADY LAIR is your hidden treasure. Your neighborhood “She Cave”.

The LAIR is designed like a home. A place where you can relax and enjoy some girl time.

“What happens at the LAIR

stays at the LAIR”

A Beauty Studio. A place that offers one of a kind build your own services and unlimited memberships.

A destination where you receive motivation, encouragement, inspiration that is celebrated during Monthly Events.

A Lair……Your home away from home!




Color Your World - THE HAIR STUDIO

Color Your World - THE HAIR STUDIO

Our hair studio is designed like a living room offering a comfortable relaxed environment . Our hair art wall showcases the amazing work our colorists do. our staff ranges from master colorists who is also a Wella Educator to fresh young blood who gets the needs and wants of today!

HAIR STUDIO 718-745-0600

Create Your Own Manicure - THE NAIL STUDIO

Create Your Own Manicure - THE NAIL STUDIO

Our Nail Studio is just that, a cute adorable living room focused on Nail Art, Press on Nails, Nail Extensions, Dry and plumbless pedicures that will make you fall asleep in your chair. Our Nail Art Wall show cases our . We offer build your own manicure/pedicure service, LAIR bundle packages and UNLIMITED Memberships!

NAIL STUDIO 718-745-0800

Create Your Own Face Recipe - THE FACE STUDIO

Create Your Own Face Recipe - THE FACE STUDIO

Our face studio will focus on individualized services. Our Estheticians are not your ordinary Estheticians . They are also medical Estheticians that use state of the art product such as KOS from Paris. We also offer individualized bundles based on your consultation and needs. Due to your commitment to us we will bundle your services for a reduced cost.

FACE STUDIO 718-745-0800


LADY LAIR offers elevated services not found at a typical Nail Salon. LADY LAIR’s Nook is an intimate experience that offers build your own service such as you pick your 1. Platform 2. Polish 3. Palette 4. Pleasure. Our pedicures are Soak or Dry Pedicures focused on cleanliness, soft skin and incredible massages. We specialize in Press on Nails, Nail Overlays, Gel Nail Extensions & Nail Art! A true Nail Studio!


NAIL STUDIO 718-745-0800


A girl should be two things: WHO and WHAT she wants”
- COCO Chanel


At LADY LAIR we hold Monthly Events to not only have an excuse to get together

but to also support our BOSS BABES!

Collaborating and supporting our Entrepreneurial Spirit is who we are and it’s what we do!

email theladylairnyc@gmail.com to discuss