Why does Healthy Beauty mean so much to me?

Why does Healthy Beauty mean so much to me? Why change my career ? 


This is my first Blog. If you would have spoken to me a year ago and told me this is what I would be doing I would say to you "you are crazy!!'" I spent 30yrs in the Fashion World.

From the first job I ever had as a Sales Person all the way to a Senior Executive . I loved every minute of it . I truly did . I would not take back a single day but one day back in November everything changed. 


I have 2 kids . 2 Amazing kids . One was born when I was 40 and the other was born when I was 45. Yes 45 . Ask me that 20yrs ago and I would have said maybe no kids . I traveled the country , traveled the world and focused solely on my career . I didn't meet the love of my life until I was 35.  I had no time for love I was creating the building blocks to my life . A wonderful life . As Moms know ; once you have kids everything changes . Your number one priority becomes your Children . Your number one job is being a Mother. Now at 48 it's time to do what you believe it right ! 


So I started to think differently about my career and I started to care about my health . As a Mom 45 years older than my youngest I need to make sure every decision I make is the right decision . Traveling on planes 4 times a week , eating hotel food and running to the most convenient places to get my hair and nails done was not a smart decision especially if the product used is not healthy. 


Deciding  where to raise your kids is also an important decision . I grew up in Sunset Park Brooklyn . I would not change that for the world. I gained my street smarts , my savviness and my open heart for diversity there . I want my children to have the same . It's not about living in a bubble and seeing all the same . It's about having the ability to travel the city freely, meet different people and gain knowledge . We are Brooklynites at heart . 


I love my neighborhood . It has strong cultural values but it also has a little sprinkle of everything else . One thing I don't want my neighborhood to do is completely change where all the core values that made it what it is goes away . Dyker Heights is the best ! Come here during Christmas ! Your Holiday spirit will never be the same . The nail salons , 2 blow dryer hair salons , massage parlors and .99cent stores are influencing in my opinion the negative change . I don't mind the .99 cents stores because they do come in handy sometimes but I do mind the nail and hair salons that take our money , use unhealthy products and don't clean to standard. Don't let me start about the massage parlors . Live in a community where your kids are safe and every location you patronize should add value to your community .  That's the key to keeping your community whole ! 


So I decided to add a Beauty Salon to my community that washes your hair with Plant Based products , uses 5-free nail polish, Makeup and Skin Care that are plant based but ultimately follows sanitary rules . Our health deserves it . All communities deserve it ! I decided to add a New Generation Beauty Salon for all of Brooklyn and all outer boroughs to have a place to come where they can get quality work on their nails, hair and Skin while being in a cool setting they can enjoy with their friends and family and where everyone knows their name! New York deserves it ! 



 Not only are we a healthy choice . We are a cool choice . Our salon is designed with real furniture , a real bar to blow out your hair , amazing nail art and a fun relaxing place you can actually have conversations with people . A true home away from home . My daughter loves to get her nails done and I want it to be in a healthy place , my  nieces and nephews want a place to go to hang out and get the coolest designs on their nails and best blowouts ever . It's a place for everyone. A Beauty Salon that does not exist today! Finally! I'm proud and excited to share our vision and mission with everyone . I'm very excited to add a clean , cool , and fun place for everyone to visit and I'm most proud of giving back ! And the best part is the product is MADE IN AMERICA. 


My future Blogs will start to share our Vision and Mission . I hope you tune in and follow this journey with us ! Thank you for listening !!


My very best ,


Lady Lair By AVM