Why are Pedicures so important to me???

Why are Pedicures so important to me ???

Because your feet are the most important part of your body. They carry the weight of your entire Body, they help your posture, help move you from place to place and make your amazing shoes look even more amazing. They are the core of your balance. Your feet hold pressure points connected to your organs. Your feet must be treated. There should be no option!

Why is it such a challenge getting most people to cross over to healthy living? There are so many benefits to doing what is right for your health. Like living longer, looking younger, feeling better, having great skin, great hair, but most important OUR CHILDREN. I guess a big part of crossing over to healthy living is understanding it. I hate to call people naive but I must do so. Most people say to themselves " I have been doing fine till now", " I am still alive", " I have been doing this for 20yrs and nothing has happened to me" So many excuses and so many reasons not to take care of themselves. A quick easy visit to a salon that does not practice cleanliness, uses toxic product and not to mention the bad fumes in the air seems fine for them. 

Not only do Pedicures feel amazing. They are an important step in keeping yourself healthy. It should be on your bi-weekly routine like a daily gym routine would be. It should be part of your routine like doing laundry should be. It is a critical step towards better health.

Here at LADY LAIR by AVM we specialize in SPA Pedicures. Our Pedicures range from a standard LAIR Pedicure to Milk & Honey, Gold Luxe, Hot Stone, Honey Heel Treatments and more. Open your mind to taking the next step to healthy beauty and remember your feet hold pressure points connected to your organs. Major reason we need routine Pedicures.

Why get frequent Pedicures especially in the Winter???

Early Detection of Problems

Receiving a regular pedicure can help the pedicurist detect early signs of corns, bunions and fungal infections. These conditions are easier to treat when they are identified in its earlier stages.

Decreases Chances of Infections

Clipping, cutting and cleaning of the toe nails prevents them from growing inward and causing infection. The elimination of dirt and bacteria from your feet will also help prevent nail diseases disorders (fungi) and foot odors. It is also important to keep toenails healthy because they protect toes from trauma.

Preserves Skin’s Moisture

A pedicure includes soaks in warm water and massages with oils and lotions that help preserve the moisture and integrity of your feet. Moisturized feet are less likely to get blisters, crakes or other foot problems. It is also important to keep your cuticles moisturized to prevent nails from growing out with ridges or split ends which can cause the nails to lift out of the nail beds.

Exfoliates the Feet

Exfoliation, or removal of dead skin cells, prevents the cells from accumulating and causing bunions or corns, which can be uncomfortable and painful. The removal of the dead skin on your feet, especially on the heel, encourages new cell growth which creates smoother and more attractive feet.

Promotes Circulation

The most enjoyable part of the salon pedicure is the massage. Massaging helps promotes circulation and helps relieve tension in the calves and feet. Increase in blood circulation can reduce pain and help distribute heat throughout your body.

Relaxes the BodyA good pedicure can be very relaxing. It helps you relieve stress and can be therapeutic. According to the British NHS information, massage therapy eases tension, stiffness and enhances well-being”.

Feet get little care compared to other parts of your body such as your hands and face.

Healthy feet are vital to our overall health so don’t neglect them! Whether you go to a salon or you do your own pedicure, make sure to get one at least once every two weeks to help your feet stay in good condition.

What Are the Benefits of Pressure Point Massage?

Pressure point massage has many benefits. By arousing the pressure points and nerve centers, pressure point massage provides relief from many ailments and pains in the body. The massaging technique opens up the way for both improved circulation and the energy flow.

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