Routine? Creatures of habit? Naive?

Being a part of the Fashion World for over 30 years, I have never encountered clients who were creatures of habit. The majority of the customers I had LOVED to shop; they had an addiction and just wanted everything. Impulsive shoppers as they were fabulous. They just wanted to look good and of course at a reasonable cost; so a good sale also meant a lot, but most importantly, it was because of the relationship they had with the Stylist. They built a trust. A trust they knew would never let them down. They developed a relationship with a Stylist that knew their children’s names, when their birthdays were, what their dogs name and so on. Not only did they love the relationship they had, they also loved the trust that was formed over the years. Every time an item went on sale, a new color came in, a new shoe arrived, the stylist would always give them a call. They knew they were going to be taken care of. It felt good to be taken care of, not only when they were shopping but even when they were home. 

It’s a good feeling to frequent a place that actually cares about you and truly knows your name. As you know I changed my career for many reasons. To spend more time with my Children, health reasons, and honestly, I was tired of going to Nail Salons where the technicians tried their best to speak to you, but were more concerned about speaking to each other. I also got tired of going to the traditional Hair Salons where everyone is facing a Mirror on a wall creating a silo atmosphere. Everyone’s head is deep in a magazine or on their phone and all you see are foiled heads. It started to feel very impersonal. 

The issue in the Beauty Industry is most people frequent Nail Salons and Hair Salons because they are comfortable and afraid to try anything new. It’s truly not because the person doing their Hair or Nails these days know them personally or are even that good. It is because most people are afraid of change. Afraid to venture out and try new things. Most people are naive then afraid of change. They say to themselves " I have been getting acrylic on my nails for 20 years and I'm fine " What does fine really mean? Not sick with a terminal illness? Do you ever think back to a fever, an infection, feeling terrible? You don't realize it but all the years of using toxic formulas on your nail beds and on your head and skin contributed to it. Ever wonder why so many young women have fertility issues? Ever wonder why? Maybe all the years of using these harmful chemicals contributed to it. 

Does getting your nails done while the person sitting in front of you wearing a mask and using a dust remover to protect their health ever make you wonder? If they have to go through those lengths to protect themselves why would it be safe for you? Why on earth would you continue to do that to yourself? For hard, non chipped nails? Who is to say that healthy non-toxic formulas can't do the same? The right non-toxic formulas. Is it routine? Creature of habit or just plain ignorance? What is the real reason? 

Do you know what tin foil is?

Tin foil is a metal. Did you know that evidence proves that wrapping our food in tin foil can be harmful to our health? Read the article below for more information. Did you know that those with Dementia have been found with traces of aluminum in the brain?  So when you say "I have been doing it for 20 years and nothing has happened " Think back and think forward. Something probably did or something might. So why continue? 

So why would it be safe to sit every 2 weeks with tin foil wrapped around your nails with acetone? Did you ever think about that? And why on earth would it be safe to have your acrylic drilled off your nails while your inhaling the acrylic particles into your lungs and your technician is wearing a mask?

I have to admit it becomes frustrating to know how many women just don't know and even more frustrating they don't care. I know someday they will read an article or something in the media and say "wow! It's not safe to use these chemicals" I know that for sure. 

Since we opened LADY LAIR all of our Clients have commented " This is what we have been looking for" "This is AMAZING!"  "It so clean in here and it does not smell like chemicals" I can sleep at night knowing we use the healthiest products, follow all state board rules and do our best to educate. I hope we can be the beginning of true change. Our children and loved ones deserve it. The best part is they love the relationships they are building, the living room atmosphere, a place to hang out with their friends, a place where they can relax. They love the idea of spending time with us and walking out being able to breathe. That's what it's all about! Please share!



Lady Lair By AVM