How important are your nail beds?

How important are your nail beds? You will be very surprised.
I hear a lot of people in my neighborhood complain about how, over the course of years, it has changed.  But yet they continue to patronize the businesses that are changing their neighborhood. I'm sure they never thought of it that way. It wouldn't be so bad if the businesses they patronize were giving them a customer experience and healthy products; unfortunately for many, that is not the case.

If you recall from my last blog, I got married at 38, had my first child at 40, and had the second at 45. After my first child was born, I started to have consistent stomach attacks and land in the hospital a few times a week. I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis   Pockets in your intestines that, if filled, will become infected and possibly rupture, being fatal. I was told by my Doctor at the time that I would possibly need to remove my large intestine.

Obviously, hearing that was traumatizing. 
He also said that being pregnant would be dangerous to me and my unborn child, so I decided to not have anymore children.  I continued to feel terrible, constantly sick and leading me to dig further about health. I continued to be hospitalized, frustrated and afraid to eat anything. With determination and a new Doctor, I found out I was also Celiac, a disease that if you eat anything with gluten, it will eat away in your small intestine and harm the lining of your stomach, leading to future stomach cancer. A mess. 

So what did I do?  I started to make sure that everything I ate, everything I placed in my body was gluten free. I I researched,  researched, researched.

One huge revelation was Nail Polish and our nails.  Our nails are porous.  That means anything you put on them goes into your body. Nail polish is toxic . It has harmful chemicals, not only used for crazy things, but can also be cancerous . Another important thing I found out is that cutting your cuticles remove the protective barrier your nail has, allowing bacteria and "nail polish" into your body . Why is Nail Polish toxic? It has Fermaldahyde , delmaldahyde , DBA, Toublene and camphor. Look them up. It will change your point of view forever.

Another revelation is that the jets in the pedicure  tubs are filled with bacteria . So everytime you turn those jets on and get a massage on your feet, bacteria is flooding through the water. The plastic liners ? They don't help a bit. It's a show. The bacteria is still flooding the water. Did you know that it is mandatory that after each customer, the inside of the jet needs to be removed and a specific chemical needs to be added in for a minimum of 10 minutes to kill the bacteria ? Did you ever see that happen before your pedicure? 

Did you know that every customer is supposed to get a new buffer, nail file etc? Did you know that the cuticle cutter, metal nail pusher and nail clipper must be cleaned with barbicide liquid, rinsed, placed in a protectant bag and placed in the sterilzer for 12hrs between each use ? Have you ever seen that happen? Did you also know that soaking your nails in water wets your entire nail bed (because they are porous)? Your nail polish is placed on your nails before your nail bed has a chance to dry, leading to nail polish chipping, not to mention the acetone added to the nail polish bottles to lengthen the life of the bottle . 

I'm guessing you probably didn't know half of that because I didn't . So when you become frustrated, your neighborhood is changing as the beauty salons you patronize do not follow rules . Stop and think about it . Ever wonder why you got a fever or an infection or felt sick in any way? Think back to possible bacteria entering your body during a manicure / pedicure . 

Now getting back to my son I had at 45. I never thought in a million years I would get pregnant at 44. Looking back and researching my health, I realized that all that I put in my stomach and all the cosmetics I used were not healthy for my body . The harsh chemicals in the Nail Polish, not to mention the others, can cause fertility issues . So I encourage woman to become educated about what they eat and what they place on their skin and nails, but most importantly everyone do their best to avoid bacteria and patronize those who add value to your community and care about your health . Not those that don't . 

So I decided my health, the health of my children especially and family are extremely important, and that LADY LAIR will be part of change and become salons that can offer a clean, non toxic experience . We deserve it ! 

I will continue to share my journey with all and do my best to educate, as I do feel that is the key to begin change ! Ride along with us ! 

Best ,
Lady Lair By AVM